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15.1 About me: Doxpoxia.org

“Extol the great illusion and the men of the world will gather.
Talk of success, security, happiness and the multitudes will flock.
Offer music and tasty food, and travellers will stop in.
But discussion of the Tao has no flavor.
Look for it - there is nothing to see.
Listen for it - there is nothing to hear.
Merge with it - there is no boundary or end.”
~ from the Tao Te Ching
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Hello! My little corner of the web has been around in various forms since Jan. 17, 1991. “Doxpoxia” is a term in philosophy, meaning “that which destroys habitual self-deception”.
That’s Elle pictured on the right. Her two fawns are now grown, and have families of their own. They are part of a herd of wild deer who live on our land. They are a gentle, quiet presence in our lives. In spring they play games, chasing each other through our pasture, leaping over one other, and just generally having fun. Cute as anything ...
Anyway, my site has over 150 articles all splendidly written by me, many as a decade-long exercise to help regain my ability to read and write following a series of strokes.
Currently I am exploring the general area of Cha’an and physical health. Work? Jobs with government, military, police, corporate, academia. Awards? Several. My advanced degrees were in mathematics and computer science (set theory applied to decomposition threading), psychology (ESS and Nash equilibria in neural cascades), biophysics (temporal processing), and history (dogma propagation). However, after the completed dissertation for my second doctorate was accepted, I found my interests no longer fulfilled in the stilted and stultifying world of academia or the vainglorious counterfeits of modern society. So we moved to the coast to spend the next few years in pelagic joy sailing the open seas before my deteriorating health finally took this and so many other things, away forever.
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Over the years anti-intellectualism has become both normative and virulent throughout much of society. Fact based dialogue is eschewed for a diatribe of blind opinion. But ignorance is not a point of view. Extrapolation is not induction. An anecdote is not proof. And the Socratic acceptance of the limits of one’s knowledge is most assuredly not the same as wilful ignorance. Those who speak with vocabulary, knowledge, education, or interests beyond those of a ten year old are ridiculed or worse. It is regrettable that research on critical theory, deep learning, or the writings of those who delve deeply and have contributed so much to humanity, are seldom known or read by the majority.
The population/resource distribution limit for humanity was passed some decades ago. J. Jacobs’ well known research concluded that we are witnessing the rise of a new dark age, with a corresponding intellectual, moral, and knowledge devolution. Given the doxal inculcation dominant in society, this may indeed be the case as humanity plummets ever more rapidly toward self-immolation. All the while complacently acquiescing to corporate wars of genocide, corresponding rape of the planet, burgeoning dystopia in former democracies, and the universal rise of tautological, narcissistic, rapacity guised as spirituality.
Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds... but such, as the Buddhists say, is suchness (an image: pls see terms of use)
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~ Peter
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"There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who do not."
DOXPOXIA.ORG runs under the BSD operating system using some software I wrote. It resides on a friend’s server farm, which uses field programable gate arrays (FPGAs), Majorana fermion TFETs, and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) in its core switching arrays. (an image: pls see terms of use)
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“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.” ~ Bernard Baruch