17.1 Search doxpoxia.org

by peter © (last updated apr. 2016)

17.1.1 How to search like Eugene H. Crabs

“Questions are a danger to you,
and a burden to others”
~ Eugene H. Crabs
Hi, you can enter some search terms into the box below. Or do a more sophisticated search using the qualifiers below.

You must CAPITALISE the qualifiers. Otherwise the search algorithm will treat them as simple text, rather than search qualifiers. Examples follow:
Qualifier What it does Example Result
NEAR Matches terms which are near to another terms grapefruit NEAR herbaceous T if g is less than 10 words from h
ADJ Matches only if the first search term occurs before the second grapefruit ADJ herbaceous T if g is found before h
AND Matches articles where both search term match grapefruit AND herbaceous T if both g and h are found
OR Matches articles where either expressions match grapefruit OR herbaceous T if g or h are found
() Constrains the evaluation order (grapefruit AND herbaceous) OR subtropics T if g and h are found, or if s is found
NOT Logical NOT (T becomes F, F becomes T) NOT (grapefruit AND herbaceous) F if g and h are found
XOR Matches if the first or second expression match, but not both grapefruit XOR herbaceous T if g or h are found, but F if both are found